Cheer Day 13

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On Friday the 13th our holiday cheer nominee was Diana. Not long ago Diana was watching a Giants game and decided to give herself a self exam and she felt a lump. When she went to get it checked out the news was beyond devastating, she did in fact have cancer.

“Diana had a large cancerous mass that at first prognosis was critical or possibly fatal. The mass was so large and so deep to the bone that the surgery to remove the mass was difficult and significant. The surgeon did remove the mass and combined with extensive chemo and radiation, Diana has made a miraculous recovery. After 10 arduous months of battling, she is back a work. “

The individual who took the gift to Diana today and let her know that when he saw the “we can do hard things” motto for Holiday Cheer it made him think of her first because she is the living, breathing example of how we can do hard things. In fact his words describe it best, “as Diana went through this unwanted journey, she never once complained. I never saw her down or negative. She was always positive. She commented how it wasn’t so bad and she just couldn’t wait to ‘beat it” and get on with her life.’ She truly was the best example of ‘we can do hard things.'”

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When he delivered the gift to her at work. After explaining why she was receiving it he found himself in a circle of women who were all in tears. Again his words describe best what happened when he delivered the gift –

“I expressed that when I have those days where nothing seems to go right, I just think of her, and everything just pales in comparison to fighting for your life every day. I explained the profound impact that she has had for so many people. She is a good person. She is always cheerful, helpful, kind, and genuine. She would help anyone any way she can. She had a not so good thing happen and she has walked through life showing us all that ‘we can do hard things’. With style, with grace, and with compassion. When I told Diana she was loved, respected, and that she shows so many people every day that ‘we can do hard things’ that should would never know the immense reach of her actions, she handled it in the usually Diana fashion. ‘Shucks’ she said. ‘I am doing great’. ‘It is good to be back at work’. ‘Thanks for doing this.'”

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Once again, thank you for making this possible for Diane. Thank you all for all you do and did to make 25 Days of Holiday Cheer a success.

God Bless you all –


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