Cheer Day 12

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Today we gifted some cheer to one of the most beautiful and kind souls I have ever met. Our nominee was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is also a mother to a young son and fighting through Chemo treatments. I hope that our gift brought her some inspiration and cheer.

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When I first met Christy the first thing I noticed about her was her spirit. Her spirit is like a warm spring breeze and just lightens the room and fills it with hope. Christy is a deep thinker and I love when we get the time to chat because she always has the most interesting and profound things to say. She is truly beautiful from the inside out.


It was a real treat that one of my very best friends and her cousin was able to deliver the gift to her today.

Christy, we are praying for you. You are loved. You are amazing. You can fight this fight.



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