Cheer Day 8

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 11.49.30 PMSeveral years ago a dear family friend started to lose quite a bit of weight and also started to have problems with her balance. When she went into see the doctor they found a brain tumor. The tumor was large, but it was able to removed. After the surgery she lost a great deal of speech, small and gross motor development and she never regained her balance either. As she recovered she still needed assistance walking and was never without full-time care whether it was one of her children, her husband, or her full-time caregiver who would become one of her dearest friends. Just a short time ago doctors found another tumor. Again the tumor was able to be removed, but with it went most of her sight. She does have a pinhole line of sight, but for the most part she is legally blind. She also lost her dear friend and caregiver to a heart attack just before the holidays.

The most beautiful thing about this nominee is her spirit. Connie is always happy and uplifting. She constantly brings cheer to all those around her. She shares jokes, sweet stories, and loves visitors and laughter. Yesterday I was able to go to visit Connie with my mom (my mom nominated her) and visit for a while. It was so fun to watch her open the gift. She kept saying “wow!” and “this is just like Christmas!” We talked about how strong she is and how inspiring that strength is to all those around her and she just shrugged it off like it was nothing and said, “No you are!” Connie always makes everyone feel welcome and cared for. She is the perfect recipient of Holiday Cheer.

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In addition to the sign and necklace, my mom also made her some pancakes and brought her a poinsettia. It was really fun to deliver this gift and great to see Connie. Thanks for making this all possible.

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