Cheer Day 3

photo(2)And there you thought I was going to be a day behind didn’t you – but oh no BA-BAM there she is again posting Cheer Day 3 nominee and holiday cheer bringing. By the way each gift was given on the correct day of December so far; it is my writing about it that is just a bit off. I am going to try to be better, but I can’t guarantee anything. Any who, let’s get to the good stuff:

Our nominee for Day 3 shall remain nameless because I am not sure how much of her story she wants publicized; however she is going through a separation and definitely right at the beginning of some tough times. My best friend just went through this and just watching it was gut wrenching awful, so I knew that this sweet lady could use some Holiday Cheer at this difficult time in her life. And besides, this wonderful mother of two just  spent a week collecting coins for another family in need and I figured she deserved a turn at getting a lit bit of appreciation.  Also despite everything going on in her life “adopted” two girls in need to purchase gifts for them for Christmas. I am telling you, this woman is AMAZING! You would absolutely LOVE her. This particular mom is one of the very first mom’s that reached out to me when we moved here. Our kids happen to go to the same school. She was always helping with the twins when I needed it, offering advice, or just saying hi. Her great, big, kind heart is wide open and she is always the first to offer a helping hand. I am so glad that we could deliver some Holiday Cheer her way. Thank you for making this all possible.

I do have to admit, it is kind of scary for me to show up at people’s doors unannounced with these gifts; it is so unlike me to come by without first giving notice. I am so glad though that some of you are going to get to deliver some of these gifts, feeling first hand that our thoughts bring someone else a bit of comfort is overwhelming. My cup runneth over, a thousand times over. Doing this is going to change my life forever; thank you for helping me bring holiday cheer to these deserving recipients, and thank you for helping me find joy and to see HOPE in action.

She sent a picture after she opened the gift.
She sent a picture after she opened the gift.



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  1. totally completely awesome and wonderful. thank you michelle for being that extra special something we wish we all had. you do. you act. you are. we admire you!

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