Cheer Day 2

photo(3)Greetings and Salutations,

I am a day late with Cheer Day 2’s story of success and I apologize if you were waiting anxiously for the news…our second recipient (by the way I am delivering these in complete random order) was Shannon. Shannon moved into our neighborhood just about a year ago. She was pregnant when they moved in and she miscarried at almost 5 months. She did get pregnant again, thankfully and that baby will be arriving this week if all goes well. Shannon is kind and open with everyone she meets. I have never seen someone wave so excitedly from the sidewalk just to see another person or allow you right into their home with open arms. She is already a stay at home mom with a 2-year-old son. She had never, ever left him until she came to the Pampered Chef party at my house and she had such a hard time being away from him. She loves her kids and has had several miscarriages to have the two sweet kiddos in her home with her now. She and her husband definitely have a larger family of angels surrounding them. I nominated Shannon because I know she has few close friends in this new neighborhood and that despite being so friendly she keeps to her house and just her regular one walk a day. I wanted her to know that she was loved and that even though she might feel isolated in motherhood, that what she was doing raising her kids, staying at home was important work and that she had a group of people behind her, supporting her. I think we all succeeded in making her feel that way. Thank you all for helping me let her know that she is not alone.



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