Holiday Cheer Update

Hello beautiful players…I just wanted to give you a quick update. We have 7 wonderful nominees so far for the 25 days of holiday cheer. We need 18 more amazing women who need a pick me up. I know you know someone who could use a little cheer around the holidays.

Here is how the game works if you didn’t read the earlier blog post (which you can catch here):

You nominate a woman who could benefit from a little boost; a little cheer and we provide the boost/cheer. We will give a gift to lift the spirits of one woman every day of December the 1st through the 25th.

How it is accomplished is there will be two online parties (one Stella & Dot and one Pampered Chef) and the credits earned from these parties will be used to purchase gifts for these women. You can also directly purchase an item and ask that it be part of the Holiday Cheer gifts as well.

The first online party starts on Sept. 22nd and can be accessed through my FB page, but I will give you details here as well. Buy something for yourself and help one of these women by adding to the credits. Share the link with your friends, too. The more that we buy the more credits we earn and in turn the more women we can help with a little bit of cheer. The more the merrier.

In addition to these two parties, you can also directly donate something if you would like. Just leave me a message on my Facebook page here if that is what you would like to do – we can figure out the rest from there.

Last but not least I will showcase the gifts and who is receiving them each day in December so that you can join in the fun.

Our current nominees include:

  • A divorced mother of 7 who is re-entering the work force for the first time in years and putting herself through school so that she can better provide for her family now that she is on her own.
  • A wonderful wife and mother whose husband was diagnosed with incurable cancer and despite his weekly treatment and diagnosis she maintains a positive outlook and charges ahead with every day life.
  • A mother who lost her beautiful two-year old daughter to brain cancer last year. She has a five-year old daughter that I would also like to include in the gifting.
  • A wonderful woman who is a very recent bone cancer survivor and while fighting this aggressive type of cancer finished her Master’s Degree and received her teaching credential. She is a mother to two young girls.
  • A young woman who is living on her own and struggles with depression.
  • Another fabulous lady who suffers from chronic pain and a debilitating disease and yet she continues to inspire others around her with her positive attitude and is constantly cheering on and championing others who have chronic pain.

I know you know other amazing women who could benefit from knowing that there are people out there who they have inspired and that they are loved. Let me know and we can give them some holiday cheer this year. Complete the nomination form below. I will email you to let you know I have received it and we will add your amazing nominee to our list.

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