Random Thoughts…

Okay so I have no real topic just a couple of things running through my head…

1. People have been kind of up tight and full of rage lately – maybe it’s just me, but I have been cut off more in two weeks than I have in two years and almost run over in the school cross walk on multiple days. Husband says he has had crazy road rage things happen to him all week. People trying to race him (he drives a Volvo wagon – I mean really) and people cutting him off and then being rude about it. Any way, I think that once Sons of Anarchy and Walking Dead are back on people will calm back down. I seriously think they are having major biker gang, zombie withdrawal. SOA starts Sept. 10th thank goodness and then we will just have to brace ourselves until the Walking Dead premiere on October 13th.

2. My kids play “SEMI TRUCK” and I think that you should also enjoy the sounds of little voices screaming semi truck everywhere you go. I shouldn’t be the only one to have all the fun, that would just be selfish and greedy. I want you to know about this fantastically fun game. Seriously, every time they see a semi truck they yell, “SEMI TRUCK” first one to yell it gets to claim it and they play to 20, because in the words of my oldest, “Counting to 30 really is too high for a game, I am not counting that high for fun.” It’s the newest fad and I think you should join in the fun – it’s just like “slug bug” when we were kids without the slugging and a new kind of vehicle in its place.

That’s it just those couple random tid bits this morning. Have a great day and let me know how your kids like “SEMI TRUCK”!

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. When they get tired of semi truck they can play “alternative fuel vehicle”. That may be fun for them to try to yell out!

    And as far as the “rage”. I am pretty sure that people finally realized that Obama is President and they are “pissed”. It is costing everyone way to much money and things are not “better”! But good news is one the way. Hilary will soon be taking over and Bill will be first lady! Everyone will calm down when we have more White House sex scandals.

  2. Man, I love E! That kid just keeps getting funnier. Auntie Bella will need to take a field trip with the kiddos to get a taste of “Semi”!! Love you! Thanks for sharing your blog – I feel like I am spending more time with you guys 🙂

  3. My kids love slug bug but they poke gently and only poke you if you are wearing the color (like they yell slug bug red and only poke you if you have red on). They also yell pt cruiser, but only because for the longest time they confused it with the slug bug and i’d answer back with pt cruiser as I shook my head from side to side. i’m going to tuck away semi truck into my brain for the day they are fine slug bug “booooorrrrring”

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