25 Days of Holiday Cheer

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I know, you read the title right – it did say HOLIDAY CHEER…

Yes, I am as bad as Hobby Lobby and Walmart and am starting on the holidays in September. But, and this is a BIG BUT there is a fantastical reason.

Here is my diabolical plot:

I want to spread some good and do 25 days of Holiday Cheer. Yes, 25 full days of spreading goodness. Here is how:

My intent is to identify 25 deserving women that need a little extra pick me up in their lives and then each day from Dec. 1st to the 25th send them a little something to lift their spirits. Many other organizations help with the things that they need, but there aren’t a lot out there that just drop off a little something special for the mom, wife, sister, cousin that needs their spirits lifted. I want them to know they are beautiful and loved and I am hoping a little token will do just that.

Here’s how we are going to do this mad, crazy, holiday spreading of cheer:

1. I need you to send me nominations (use the form below) identifying a woman who you think has been down and out – just a run of bad luck, car broke down, divorce, lost someone she loved, chronic pain, depression, or she is just the type of person that does for everyone else first and you want her to know that she comes first on someone’s list, too. You send me the information using the contact form below and I will let you know if your person is chosen. I know readership of this extends to various parts of the US – that doesn’t matter if you know a friend who could use cheer nominate away and I will make sure we get the cheer to them.

2. I will highlight the stories of the chosen women as we deliver the gifts, so that we can surprise them just in case they happen to read this bloggity, blog we don’t want them to know that they were chosen. However, I will let you know how many have been chosen until we reach our goal of 25.

3. I will host an online Stella & Dot party (the hostess is a local mom who sells Stella & Dot because she wants to help other women feel beautiful and this helps her to be able to stay at home with her two, very young sons – a cause worth supporting in my eyes). You can purchase things for yourself during this party or let us know that you want to purchase something that will be used as part of our Holiday Cheer gifts. It will be a week-long show that will start in just a couple of weeks. Once the show ends I will let you know the money amount that we raised and then I along with the Stella & Dot Stylist will choose gifts for our Holiday Cheer. I will post pictures of what we purchased so you can all see your $ and good deeds up close and personal. The information will be posted on an upcoming blog so that you can take part in this online event.

4. Then on October 3rd and several days after I will also host an online Pampered Chef party same exact idea as above and we will use the rewards towards holiday cheer gifts. Again details will be posted.

5. If you want to just donate let me know, too and we can also arrange a way for you to donate to the holiday cheer and we can add those contributions in as well.

6. That is it, once we have reached our gift total and recipient total I will be doing a post a day in December that will showcase the recipient and also what their gift was, etc. I want you to be as much a part of this as possible! We are all in this together and the more we support each other and let each other know that the better right?!

I also want to add that I will design a card soon that I will share and each gift will come with our card design and the card will let the recipient know who nominated them and why the gift was sent. If you are an out-of-state person – I will mail gifts. If you are a reader close to home – I will hand deliver gifts. You just get the nominee to me and I will figure out the rest.

Questions let me know. All right let’s let the Holiday Cheer begin!

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