A Day…

So was this your day?

You are woken up at 5:45 AM by a child asking you for water because their throat hurts and after making sure they get what they need and getting them back to bed – you decide you should really just go for a run instead of climbing back into bed.

After attempting a work out – you run only about a mile and a half because your shin and calf start throbbing so you give yourself a break because it isn’t your fault you couldn’t run the whole thing you might be injured. Upon arriving home – you feed the dog, wake up the child that needs to be getting ready to go to camp. Hurry to the shower – thanking the Lord all the way that you have time to shower. You even have time to shave your legs and you think to yourself – this is going to be a pretty good day after all.

You have dressed and fed all 4 children – so maybe some of them had Cocoa Krispies and some of them had breakfast bars – yesterday they had eggs, sausage, and fruit. They will have more well-rounded meals later, right?!

Into the car for camp only 5 minutes later than planned. Not too shabby – you will still make it to the camp with time to find the right room in case you get lost.

In the car…

Child #1 – “Mom, where are we going?”

Child #2 states, “Taking E to Lego Camp.”

Child #3 asks, “Mom, what time are we picking him up today?”

As Child #2 now says, “Mom, my throat hurts.”

Child #1 “Mom, will any of my friends be there?”

Child #2 “How come I don’ t get to do any camps like you?”

Child #3 “Mom, I miss Bella (his cousin)”

Child #4 “Mom, Bella came our house watch Fireworks.”

Child #1 “You get to do Little Gym, Dance and next year Girl Scouts.”

Child #2 “Mom, when can I have a play date?”

Child #1 “Mom, when did I do that other Lego Camp?”

Me: “When the twins were in my belly.”

Child #3 and #4 – “I was not in your belly!”

Which starts a slew of “Mom” questions and all children are talking at once.

All the while, receiving emails and texts from people asking for favors, or to create accounts, or for more information or could they have that report and you wonder to yourself was taking that vacation time last week really worth it. Still the kids are all talking over each other asking “what we are doing today?”; “who can come over?” can they go swimming on Wednesday and have sleepovers this week.

After successfully dropping Child #1 off to camp, parading the other 3 back into the car only for them to fight all the way home about what moving they will watch when they arrive home and continuing to talk over each other saying “Mom” at least 100 times in a 10 minutes time span. And you think you might lose your mind before 9:20 AM. And maybe you do a little, yelling that if one more child yells mom over another child that is it – you have officially had it. Then maybe you have to apologize for yelling and ask them pretty please to not talk over each other and take turns because you can’ t hear them when they all talk at once.

After arriving home, they proceed to ask for snacks and drinks, you work and respond to all requests that came in earlier, just as more come in and in between you pour milk, fill water bottles, and change diapers. While the oldest of the 3 children is completely distraught that the Despicable Me DVD is not in its case! What is she to do?! So after exasperatingly explaining how said child could look for the DVD to solve her problem; you decide to visually show her  how to find the DVD just so you can get back to getting some work done without being interrupted every two minutes because the DVD is not in its case!!

After the movie ends, you pack up 3 children; hoping 2 of the 3 will pass out on the way to pick up child 1 from camp. No children fall asleep, but you get home and make lunch all in under 30 minutes. Of course, only 2 of 4 children eat it. The kids play games, jump on trampoline, while you finish a ton of work and do several loads of laundry while still changing about 6 more poopy diapers – (twins with diarrhea is fabulous) and you think even though you are sitting at the computer – a little extra TV won’t kill them today because of the busy long weekend.

You continue to work like a mad woman until 5:30 when you stop so that your oldest child can do their “Make Something Monday” (to be explained in a later post) and he has chosen to make Salsa – which you help make while BBQ-ing dinner. Child #2 does their “Make Something Monday” but is unable to find the “googly eyes” and then the glue and then she can’t seem to figure out what the “pink things are” for the elephant pieces on the puppet she is trying to make. But still salsa is successfully made and so is dinner – while still replying to the last few emails of the day. The elephant puppet might be put off until tomorrow. “Make Something Monday” might be moved over to “Totally Tubular Tuesday” (again, I will explain in a later post, hopefully tomorrow) – you made the rules you can bend them a little right?

All kids want to eat outside, so dinner is served plate by plate to children outside, who by the time you are ready to join them are all freaking out because there is 1 bee hounding the table outside. Despite the efforts of dryer sheets and citronella candles the children are all shouting and panicking; so you pack up all the plates again and bring them inside. All kids and plates are inside and 2 of the 4 children decide once again that they are done by the time you sit down.

Then 5 minutes later husband arrives and you are just finished scarfing your plate so that you can go order birthday cakes for the party Saturday (praying it isn’t already too late to get them in time) only to find that after visiting two places you decide to make them yourself because no-where really has the “right cake”.

But all is not lost, (so you think) when you arrive home and all kids are occupied so you tip-toe upstairs to fold laundry in peace and quiet and maybe even sneak in an episode of “Pretty Little Liars” only to be interrupted two minutes in by a crying child and then again two minutes later by a husband who wants to run through every box office movie that bombed – literally reading them off Wikipedia one by one while you finish folding laundry just in time to bathe and put kids to bed. Luckily though your husband washes the twins so that you can read a story to child #2. Finally all children are asleep and instead of going back to work as usual, you decide to write a blog post about your day.

No that wasn’t your day, then nope – that didn’t happen to me either….I have always had a pretty active imagination. 🙂


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  1. Yes! I get it! But only half as much because I only have two. Remember back when you thought you had a lot to do with only one? Those memories make me laugh!

    1. Yes, I was just talking to a friend and we were laughing because we thought our lives were busy pre-kid(s). What did we use to do with our time? Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog. I appreciate you reading and commenting. Take good care.

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