Not my DMack – just an internet photo – but this is so her.

My six-year-old daughter graduated from kindergarten today. I can’t believe she is already so grown up. This little girl is so full of personality and fun it amazes me. Today I dedicate this post to her and so that you can see into the workings of her beautiful mind.

Here are just a few of her many -isms.

1. Not too long ago, we took a trip to San Diego with my parents, sisters, my aunt and their family. After we finished dinner we were all chatting and my sweet daughter lets out the biggest, baddest belch. I look at her – nothing…so I say, “What do we say?” And her sweet little voice replies, “What? It’s just the sound of dinner.”

2. Same trip, she is anxiously waiting in line with her Papa at Legoland to ride the Volvo go carts. As they near the very front of the line, my dad asks her if she is excited and she replies, “Yes, I am so excited.” Then she leans in and whispers, “but I don’t know how to drive yet.”

3. Last summer we were on our way to the beach and we have to go over some hills and through a canyon to get there and my little baby D looks over to me and says, “Mama there is something wrong I can’t talk loud no matter how hard I try.” Poor little bug just had plugged ears.

4. Two of our most favorite expressions of her’s are “We are almost there, I can taste it.” and when her baby brothers would cry too much she would mutter, “Drama, drama Barrack Obama.” Seriously no input from us; it was just an election year.

It is just so amazing to see that in a little over 200 days she can read, write multiple sentences, and do simple math equations when she started the year just knowing her letters and how to count. What a different a few hundred days can make.


One proud mama

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