Bring it on?


So this needs to be taped up everywhere I look and maybe even tattooed on the back of my hand, forehead somewhere that I will see it constantly. This week has put me through a ringer. If it could turn into a fire drill it did, if it was a last-minute invitation to a child’s award ceremony or performance that the teacher forgot to deliver it happened, every day this week seemed to be turned upside down by something. It was really hard to hold it together, but I have almost made it to Friday and the last day of school with the kiddos. Almost…there are still 17 1/2 more hours until that final bell rings for the year and Starbuck’s, sparkles, and big girl panties have barely been cutting it so I am hoping they can help hold me through for just a few more hours.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…did the Little Blue Engine actually make it over the hill all by its little old self? Oh please tell me that story had a happy ending because with my mommy brain and 10 hour work day behind me I honestly cannot remember.

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