Dear Mom,



Tomorrow is a most special day. Tomorrow marks the day the world received a great gift. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. So my post today is a letter to my mom.

Dear mom,

I am so glad that on your birthday you will be in one of your favorite places, a place with water, sand, and a drink in hand. I am also glad that you are there with such great people who love you and will celebrate you. Mom you are definitely the coolest mom – when people would ask if you were our older sister, they weren’t just being nice – you really looked like our sister, still do. I know you were a young mom and that was probably really scary; but it was pretty amazing to grow up with you. By watching you I learned to have fun, that hard work can make your dreams come true, how to be kind, and that love is amazing and also hard work.

Being a mom can be an ungrateful job. Raising three girls was not an easy job. I know we used to give you a hard time when we got a bit older you did not baby us when we were sick or hurt. Instead, you made us take care of ourselves. At the time it was difficult to understand, but now as a mom I am so thankful for that gift. Thank you.

This past October you ran two half-marathons in one month. What a treat to witness first hand your strength and crazy fitness. You whooped my butt up a hill and around a corner and then ran back time and again to cheer not only me on, but all those around you. Utter awe is the only way to describe it. You are an inspiration.

The other day I received the best compliment. I was out with friends and one of them took a double take and said, “whoa, I really thought I was looking at your mom for a second.” I want to be just like you. You are beautiful inside and out.

Being your daughter is an honor. You are the legacy of your parents and being a part of that is beyond a blessing. One of my favorite stories is the one you tell about saving your money to buy these fancy denim pants. You were so excited to wear them to school, but when you did you were told you had to go home and change. Your mom was so upset she called the principal and really let him have it. You are so much like your mom. You also have the same goofy sense of humor as your dad.

I hope this year is one of your best yet. May this year bring more memories, more hugs, more happiness than last year.

I love you mom,


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  1. Oh, this brings tears to my eyes. What a lucky gal Lor is to have the family she does! And she knows it, but she might not believe she had a hand in bringing that about. Two marathons in a month and she is how old? Three years older than me, and I’m 51 (I think), and I haven’t run one marathon in my life. Lor is my inspiration too! I’m glad she’s where Sun Goddesses like to be on her B-day!

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