Love is all you need?

love is all you needFebruary has come to an end and it is that time to recap what this month has taught me.

I wanted to touch on the topic of female friendships; I have seen, heard, and read a lot on this topic lately and it comes down to one basic thing; girls we have each other to lift each other up – no one knows us better than each other and we need to just pick each other up. We all fall down, we all lose our way; it doesn’t matter how far we have fallen or how lost we are; if each of us stops to help pick up and light the way for the other one; then there is absolutely nothing that can stop us.

We also need to trust and confide in one another. I have so many moms that say, “Oh I can’t complain to you…you have twice as much as I do.” Nope. Not true. We all have a great deal on our plates and who better to understand than someone one else that knows exactly what you are going through. My kids go nuts; I have neighbors that won’t look me in the eye because they have heard me yell at the top of my lungs, “That’s it! I have had it; I am done asking you – everyone is on time out!!!” or something to that effect. But I digress; it all comes down to the fact that friendships are important. They are difficult; but it is truly this simple – pick each other up without judgment. Listen without judgment and then do what we need most from each other hug, laugh; and then find the ice cream or nachos, and wine and eat!! We are all in this together; no one of us has all the answers, but we have each other and that is all we need; or maybe we need that water, and rations – depends who you ask.

Okay, preaching over I promise. I have also learned this month that you should not try to put on SPANKS when you are just out of the shower in a steamy bathroom; there was some bit of truth in the Ross Leather Pants Episode on Friends. However; thank goodness for these because some days it is nice to look 5 lbs slimmer.

Hot flashes stink…yes I am only 35 and have started having at least 7 hot flashes a day. Yes, I will be going to the doctor to make sure nothing else is wrong. But just be ware if you have not experienced these yet; ugh!! Seriously nothing to scoff at. I mostly thought I was dying at first, but then realized that maybe they were just hot flashes. They are YUCK wrapped sweat – yes disgusting I know.

I love Starbucks, Hot Tamales, Hershey bars and I don’t think that will ever, ever change.

I am still going to lose 15 more pounds this year by some sort of miracle and hard work, but it will not include giving up the aforementioned items. I look for motivation in everything which is why I pin 1,000s of quotes on Pinterest.They might be working because not toot my own horn or anything, but I did get asked this week how did I end up with so much awesomeness – I read most of the crap I said on Pinterest. True Story. See my time wasted on Pinterest came in handy!

Two, two and half-year olds can only be topped by 3 or 4 two and a half-year olds at once and I think we should award medals of honor to those wonderful parents of triplets, quadruples and so on. These adorable little beings take turns throwing fits and while that is nice, there is rarely a break from someone in the house absolutely losing their mind over something. For example today, one child refused to get into the car because another child’s foot was partially blocking the walkway. YUP, that is all it takes and then there are at least 15 minutes of crying that ensue; but it feels like hours to a mommy who just wanted to get in the car and pick up the other children from school.

Lastly, I think it is important to note that we now have changed all of our door locks so that we are able to open it with one of those pin like key things (yes that is the technical term). This was brilliant on my husband’s part. Zach has locked himself in our bedroom three times this week and was terribly upset when I easily unlocked the door. I on the other hand am completely baffled because how did being broken out of a bathroom not scar him for life so that he would not lock himself in rooms. Seriously scarred me for life.

Also, my husband is an amazing person. I am so grateful for all he does for our family and how much he supports me in all my crazy endeavors. I hope that you all have at least one person in your life that can do that for you.

And that’s a wrap. I hope you all had a wonderful February and that March is turning out just as nicely.

 – Me

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