September Lessons

I cannot be in multiple places at once – even though the school district schedule planner must have thought it possible. Thank goodness for the lovely moms that help me out during the week.

Do not leave two, two-year olds alone in a room together while you try to pee with the door closed for once (just once) they will clean out every drawer, find every smearable, permanent painting device and use it, as well as lock you out of the room if possible.

As a mother you will have more poop in your life than you ever dreamed existed in the entire world. If you have twins quadruple that thought.

God has a great sense of humor even if you are not ready to laugh at his jokes just yet.

There is no right way and sometimes there is just surviving.

Mommy guilt is crippling and forgiving yourself is easier said than done.

I am not a soccer mom because seriously hour and a half practices twice a week are a pain in the behind – coaches must think dinner and bathing happen via osmosis.

Starbucks is going to have to close down their drive thru windows for me to give it up – I absolutely cherish that cup of coffee (ok two or three cups depending on if I order a grande or a venti) each day. I swear it literally saves my life – yes that coffee = sanity.

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